IB SEHS Extended Essay Topics

IB SEHS Extended Essay Topics

As an adept IB tutor with a rich background in guiding students across various disciplines, I am thrilled to offer a series of compelling topics for your Extended Essay in Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences.

This carefully curated list aims to cover the multifaceted nature of this field, providing students with topics that range from the physiological aspects of sports to the psychological intricacies of exercise and the broad-reaching implications of health science studies.

In my experience, a thoughtfully chosen topic serves not just as an academic challenge but as a profound platform for students to critically engage with the subjects that lie at the intersection of health, well-being, and athletic performance.

List of IB SEHS EE Topics

This process invites students to construct a detailed, research-driven narrative that not only demonstrates their grasp of scientific methodologies but also their commitment to unraveling the complexities of the human body and mind in the context of sports and health.

1. Exercise Physiology

  1. The Impact of High-Intensity Interval Training on Cardiovascular Health: How does HIIT compare to traditional endurance training in improving cardiovascular health in adolescents?
  2. Muscle Hypertrophy in Resistance Training: What are the most effective resistance training techniques for muscle hypertrophy in young adults?
  3. VO2 Max and Athletic Performance: How does VO2 max correlate with performance in endurance sports?
  4. The Effect of Age on Muscle Recovery: How does age impact muscle recovery time after high-intensity exercise?
  5. Lactic Acid and Athletic Performance: How does lactic acid accumulation affect performance in middle-distance running?
  6. The Role of Nutrition in Muscle Recovery: How does protein intake post-exercise affect muscle recovery?
  7. Gender Differences in Aerobic Capacity: How do aerobic capacities differ between male and female athletes in the same sport?
  8. The Impact of Sleep on Athletic Performance: How does sleep quality affect the performance of high school athletes?
  9. Exercise and Mental Health: How does regular physical activity impact mental health in college students?
  10. The Physiology of Overtraining Syndrome: What are the physiological signs of overtraining syndrome in elite athletes?

2. Sports Psychology

  1. Motivation in Team vs. Individual Sports: How does motivation differ between athletes in team sports and individual sports?
  2. The Effect of Mental Imagery on Sports Performance: How does mental imagery training impact performance in competitive swimming?
  3. Anxiety and Performance in Elite Athletes: How does pre-competition anxiety affect the performance of elite athletes?
  4. The Role of Personality in Sport: How does personality type correlate with choice of sport?
  5. Team Cohesion and Performance: How does team cohesion affect performance in high school basketball teams?
  6. The Impact of Coaching Styles on Athlete Motivation: How do different coaching styles impact athlete motivation in track and field?
  7. Mental Toughness and Endurance Athletes: What are the key psychological characteristics of successful endurance athletes?
  8. Youth Sports and Character Development: How do youth sports contribute to character development?
  9. Psychological Benefits of Physical Activity in the Elderly: What are the psychological benefits of regular physical activity for the elderly?
  10. The Effect of Fan Support on Team Performance: How does home-field advantage impact team performance in professional soccer?

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3. Biomechanics

  1. The Biomechanics of the Free Throw Shot in Basketball: What are the key biomechanical factors in successful free throw shooting?
  2. Running Economy and Foot Strike Patterns: How do different foot strike patterns affect running economy in distance runners?
  3. The Biomechanics of ACL Injuries in Female Athletes: What biomechanical factors contribute to the higher incidence of ACL injuries in female athletes compared to males?
  4. The Effect of Equipment on Swimming Performance: How does swimsuit design affect hydrodynamics in competitive swimming?
  5. Biomechanical Analysis of the Tennis Serve: What biomechanical factors contribute to power and accuracy in the tennis serve?
  6. The Role of Biomechanics in Golf Swing Efficiency: How does biomechanical analysis improve swing efficiency in golfers?
  7. Biomechanics of Rowing: How do biomechanical factors affect performance in rowing?
  8. The Influence of Shoe Design on Running Injuries: How does footwear design impact injury risk in long-distance runners?
  9. Biomechanical Factors in Baseball Pitching: What are the key biomechanical aspects that contribute to pitching speed and accuracy?
  10. The Biomechanics of Jumping Techniques in Volleyball: How do biomechanical factors influence different jumping techniques in volleyball?

4. Sports Nutrition

  1. The Role of Carbohydrates in Athletic Performance: How does carbohydrate loading impact performance in endurance sports?
  2. Hydration Strategies for Endurance Athletes: What are the most effective hydration strategies for marathon runners?
  3. The Impact of Caffeine on Sports Performance: How does caffeine consumption affect athletic performance in high-intensity sports?
  4. Nutritional Strategies for Muscle Gain: What are the most effective nutritional strategies for muscle gain in bodybuilders?
  5. The Effect of Vegan Diets on Athletic Performance: How does a vegan diet impact performance in endurance athletes?
  6. Protein Intake and Recovery in Rugby Players: How does protein intake affect recovery time in rugby players?
  7. The Role of Supplements in Strength Training: What is the impact of creatine supplementation on strength and muscle mass gains?
  8. Nutrition and Injury Recovery: How does nutrition impact the injury recovery process in athletes?
  9. Eating Disorders in Elite Gymnasts: What are the prevalence and impact of eating disorders in elite female gymnasts?
  10. The Effect of Pre-Game Meals on Performance: How does the composition of pre-game meals affect performance in soccer players?

5. Health and Physical Education

  1. The Effectiveness of Physical Education Programs: How effective are high school physical education programs in promoting lifelong fitness?
  2. The Impact of Sedentary Lifestyle on Adolescent Health: What are the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle in adolescents?
  3. School Sports and Academic Performance: How does participation in school sports affect academic performance?
  4. Physical Activity and Cognitive Function in the Elderly: How does physical activity affect cognitive function in the elderly?
  5. The Role of Physical Education in Obesity Prevention: How can physical education programs help prevent obesity in children?
  6. The Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health: How does regular yoga practice impact mental health in adults?
  7. The Impact of Technology on Physical Activity Levels: How has the increase in screen time affected physical activity levels among teenagers?
  8. Outdoor Education and Personal Development: How does participation in outdoor education programs impact personal development in adolescents?
  9. The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Sleep Quality: How does physical activity affect sleep quality in college students?
  10. The Effect of Exercise on Stress Reduction: How effective is exercise as a strategy for stress reduction in working adults?


As we conclude this presentation of topics for your Extended Essay in Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences, it is my hope that these suggestions have ignited your academic interest and passion for the field. The endeavor of crafting such an essay is a complex interplay of rigorous research, in-depth scientific understanding, and clear, concise articulation of ideas.

As you refine your topic and push forward with your research, see this as your unique opportunity to add a distinctive voice to the scholarly conversation in this dynamic field. This essay is your platform to showcase your dedication, your analytical skills, and your ability to link theoretical knowledge with real-world applications.

Let your work stand as a testament to your academic rigor and as a meaningful contribution to our understanding of the vital fields of sports, exercise, and health sciences.

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