IB Economics Extended Essay Topics and RQs

Economics Extended Essay Topics

As a seasoned IB tutor with extensive experience in the realm of economics, I’m delighted to present a collection of engaging topics for your Economics Extended Essay.

This assortment is designed to span the wide spectrum of economic inquiry, offering students a range of topics that encompass both the macro and micro dimensions of the field. In my tenure guiding students, I’ve observed that a well-selected essay topic is not merely a path to academic success; it’s a platform for students to critically and analytically engage with the dynamic world of economics.

This path invites students to construct a compelling and analytical narrative, demonstrating their ability to dissect complex economic concepts and present them with clarity and insight.

1. Microeconomics

  1. Price Elasticity of Demand for Organic Products: How does price elasticity of demand affect the sales of organic food in a local market?
  2. Market Structure of the Local Coffee Shop Industry: How does the market structure impact competition among local coffee shops in a specific area?
  3. The Impact of Minimum Wage on Small Businesses: How does the introduction of a minimum wage affect small businesses in a specific region?
  4. Consumer Preferences and Brand Loyalty in Smartphones: How do consumer preferences affect brand loyalty in the smartphone market?
  5. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Policies: What are the economic impacts of environmental policies on local manufacturing industries?
  6. The Economics of Renewable Energy: How do subsidies affect the profitability of renewable energy companies?
  7. Price Discrimination in the Airline Industry: How do airlines use price discrimination to maximize revenue?
  8. The Effect of Taxes on Cigarette Consumption: How do increased taxes on cigarettes affect consumption in a specific area?
  9. Monopolistic Competition in Fast Food Industry: How does monopolistic competition affect prices and product diversity in the fast food industry?
  10. Externalities of Plastic Packaging in Supermarkets: What are the external costs and benefits of plastic packaging in supermarkets?

2. Macroeconomics

  1. The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Economic Growth: How does government spending influence economic growth in a developing country?
  2. Monetary Policy and Inflation Control: How effective is monetary policy in controlling inflation in the European Union?
  3. Unemployment and Labor Market Policies: How do labor market policies affect unemployment rates in a specific country?
  4. The Effect of Exchange Rates on Tourism: How do exchange rate fluctuations impact the tourism industry in Spain?
  5. Economic Impacts of Immigration: What are the macroeconomic effects of immigration on the UK economy?
  6. Public Debt and Economic Growth: How does public debt influence economic growth in Japan?
  7. The Role of Central Banks in Financial Crises: How did the Federal Reserve respond to the 2008 financial crisis?
  8. Inflation Targeting as a Monetary Policy: How effective is inflation targeting in emerging economies?
  9. The Impact of Brexit on the UK Economy: What are the short-term and long-term economic impacts of Brexit on the UK?
  10. Economic Development and Income Inequality: How does economic development affect income inequality in Brazil?

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3. International Economics

  1. The Effects of Tariffs on Domestic Industries: How do tariffs on steel imports affect the US automobile industry?
  2. Globalization and Its Impact on Local Businesses: How has globalization affected small businesses in India?
  3. The Role of the WTO in International Trade: How effective is the WTO in promoting fair trade practices?
  4. Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: What is the impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth in Nigeria?
  5. Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Export Competitiveness: How do exchange rate fluctuations affect the export competitiveness of South Korea?
  6. The Economic Impact of Trade Agreements: How has NAFTA affected the economies of member countries?
  7. Balance of Payments Analysis for a Small Economy: How does tourism affect the balance of payments in Malta?
  8. The Impact of Oil Prices on the Global Economy: How do changes in oil prices impact the economies of oil-importing countries?
  9. The Economics of International Aid: How effective is international aid in promoting economic development in Haiti?
  10. Trade Protectionism and Its Economic Consequences: What are the economic consequences of trade protectionism for Canada?

4. Development Economics

  1. Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation: How effective is microfinance in reducing poverty in Bangladesh?
  2. The Role of Education in Economic Development: How does investment in education affect economic growth in Ghana?
  3. Economic Impacts of Health Care Policies: How do health care policies affect economic development in South Africa?
  4. Sustainable Development and Economic Growth: How does sustainable development impact economic growth in Costa Rica?
  5. The Economics of Clean Water Access: What are the economic impacts of improving clean water access in rural India?
  6. Gender Inequality and Economic Development: How does gender inequality affect economic development in Saudi Arabia?
  7. The Impact of Agricultural Policies on Rural Development: How do agricultural subsidies affect rural development in China?
  8. Urbanization and Economic Growth: How does urbanization affect economic growth in Brazil?
  9. Income Distribution and Poverty Reduction: How do income distribution policies affect poverty levels in Sweden?
  10. The Role of Technology in Economic Development: How has the adoption of technology impacted economic development in Estonia?

5. Environmental Economics

  1. The Economics of Climate Change: What are the economic costs of climate change for coastal cities?
  2. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Renewable Energy Sources: What are the economic benefits of investing in solar energy in Morocco?
  3. The Impact of Pollution on Health Care Costs: How does air pollution affect health care costs in China?
  4. Economic Incentives for Reducing Carbon Emissions: How effective are carbon taxes in reducing carbon emissions in Canada?
  5. Sustainable Tourism and Economic Development: How does sustainable tourism contribute to the economy of New Zealand?
  6. The Economics of Water Scarcity: What are the economic implications of water scarcity in Egypt?
  7. The Impact of Deforestation on Local Economies: How does deforestation affect the economy of Brazil?
  8. Economic Policies for Sustainable Fishing: How do economic policies affect sustainable fishing practices in Japan?
  9. The Cost of Environmental Degradation: What is the economic cost of environmental degradation in Nigeria?
  10. Green Energy and Job Creation: How does investment in green energy contribute to job creation in Germany?


As we conclude this exploration of Economics Extended Essay topics, my hope is that these suggestions have kindled your academic curiosity and analytical spirit. The composition of an Economics Extended Essay is a complex blend of meticulous research, critical economic analysis, and a clear presentation of ideas.

As you narrow down your topic and deepen your research, view this as your stage to contribute a distinctive voice to the discourse of economic scholarship.

This essay is your opportunity to display your commitment, analytical prowess, and the intricate connections that economic principles have with real-world scenarios. Let your work be a testament to your scholarly journey and a reflection of economics as a pivotal lens through which we understand the workings of the world.

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