IB History Extended Essay Topics

History Extended Essay Topic Ideas

As an IB tutor with a deep-seated respect for the discipline of history, I am eager to present a selection of History Extended Essay topics that span the tapestry of time and the mosaic of human experience. This assortment is crafted to encompass a wide range of historical epochs, regions, and themes, inviting students to engage with events and narratives that have shaped our world.

In my mentorship, I’ve recognized the profound impact of a strategically chosen topic—it serves not only as an academic exploration but as a window into the complexities and nuances of historical contexts.

History IB Extended Essay Ideas

I want to allow students to construct a narrative that is both analytically robust and deeply reflective, demonstrating their ability to connect historical facts with the overarching patterns that define human societies. Below is the list of great historical IB EE topic ideas.

1. Military History

  1. The Strategies of the Allies in World War II: How did the strategies of the Allied forces contribute to their victory in World War II?
  2. The Impact of Technology in World War I: How did technological advancements shape the course of World War I?
  3. The Vietnam War and Guerrilla Warfare: How effective was guerrilla warfare in the Vietnam War?
  4. The Role of Naval Power in the Cold War: How did naval power influence the dynamics of the Cold War?
  5. The Spanish Civil War and International Involvement: How did international involvement affect the outcome of the Spanish Civil War?
  6. The Successes and Failures of the League of Nations in Preventing Conflict: How effective was the League of Nations in its peacekeeping efforts?
  7. The Use of Propaganda in Nazi Germany: How did propaganda contribute to Nazi military successes in the early years of World War II?
  8. The Battle of Stalingrad and its Significance in World War II: How did the Battle of Stalingrad turn the tide of World War II?
  9. The American Civil War and Industrial Warfare: How did industrialization influence the American Civil War?
  10. The Role of Intelligence in the Cuban Missile Crisis: How did intelligence operations impact the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

2. Political History

  1. The Rise of Fascism in Europe: What factors led to the rise of fascism in Italy and Germany?
  2. The Impact of Gorbachev’s Policies on the Soviet Union: How did Gorbachev’s policies of Glasnost and Perestroika contribute to the fall of the Soviet Union?
  3. The French Revolution and the Rise of Napoleon: How did the French Revolution lead to the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte?
  4. The Formation of the United Nations: What were the key factors that led to the formation of the United Nations?
  5. The Chinese Cultural Revolution: What were the causes and consequences of the Chinese Cultural Revolution?
  6. The Decolonization of Africa: How did African countries achieve independence from colonial powers?
  7. The Political Impact of the Panama Canal: How has the Panama Canal influenced global politics?
  8. The Iranian Revolution of 1979: What were the causes and effects of the Iranian Revolution?
  9. The Role of Women in Political Movements: How have women influenced political movements in the 20th century?
  10. The Apartheid Regime in South Africa: What were the key factors that led to the end of apartheid in South Africa?

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3. Economic History

  1. The Great Depression and its Global Impact: How did the Great Depression affect economies worldwide?
  2. The Economic Factors Leading to the American Revolution: What economic factors contributed to the American Revolution?
  3. The Marshall Plan and European Recovery Post-World War II: How effective was the Marshall Plan in rebuilding European economies?
  4. The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Society: How did the Industrial Revolution transform societies?
  5. The Economic Consequences of Colonialism in Africa: What were the long-term economic impacts of colonialism in Africa?
  6. The Role of Trade in the Roman Empire: How did trade contribute to the prosperity of the Roman Empire?
  7. The Silk Road and its Impact on Trade: How did the Silk Road influence economic relationships between Asia and Europe?
  8. The Economic Policies of Mao Zedong in China: How did Mao Zedong’s economic policies affect China’s development?
  9. The Oil Crisis of the 1970s: What were the global economic consequences of the 1970s oil crisis?
  10. The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Economy: What led to the economic collapse of the Soviet Union?

4. Social and Cultural History

  1. The Harlem Renaissance and African American Culture: How did the Harlem Renaissance contribute to the development of African American culture?
  2. The Impact of the Printing Press on European Society: How did the invention of the printing press change European society?
  3. Women’s Suffrage Movement in the 20th Century: How did the women’s suffrage movement evolve across different countries?
  4. The Social Effects of the Black Death in Europe: How did the Black Death transform European society?
  5. The Cultural Significance of the Renaissance: How did the Renaissance influence European culture and thought?
  6. The Role of Religion in Medieval Europe: How did religion shape society in Medieval Europe?
  7. The Counterculture Movement of the 1960s: What were the key characteristics and impacts of the counterculture movement?
  8. The Social Impact of the Internet: How has the internet revolutionized social interactions and culture?
  9. The Civil Rights Movement in the United States: What were the key factors that led to the success of the Civil Rights Movement?
  10. The Influence of Jazz on 20th Century Culture: How did jazz music influence culture in the 20th century?

5. Historiography and Methodology

  1. The Use of Primary Sources in Understanding the Holocaust: How do primary sources provide insight into the Holocaust?
  2. The Bias in Historical Narratives of Colonialism: How do historical narratives differ in portraying colonialism?
  3. The Reliability of Oral History in Documenting Events: How reliable is oral history in documenting the Civil Rights Movement?
  4. The Interpretation of Archaeological Evidence in Ancient Civilizations: How do interpretations of archaeological evidence impact our understanding of ancient civilizations?
  5. The Role of Revisionist History: How has revisionist history changed our understanding of a specific event?
  6. The Use of Propaganda in Historical Narratives: How has propaganda influenced historical narratives in wartime?
  7. The Challenges of Writing Postcolonial History: What are the challenges historians face when writing postcolonial history?
  8. The Impact of Gender on Historical Interpretation: How does gender influence the interpretation of historical events?
  9. The Use of Film as a Historical Source: How effective is film as a source for understanding historical events?
  10. The Evolution of Historical Interpretation over Time: How has the interpretation of the French Revolution evolved over time?

Choose History IB EE Topic Wisely

As we conclude this overview of History Extended Essay topics, it is my hope that these suggestions have kindled a flame of historical inquiry and a desire to delve into the narratives of the past. The task of creating a History Extended Essay is a challenging yet rewarding fusion of rigorous research, critical analysis, and a coherent synthesis of evidence and perspectives. As you refine your topic and engage deeply with your research, view this as your platform to contribute a distinctive chapter to the annals of historical scholarship.

Your extended essay is an opportunity to showcase your commitment to uncovering truths, your skill in dissecting complex historical narratives, and your ability to present a compelling story that offers insights into the human journey. Let your work not only meet academic criteria but also stand as a testament to your passion for understanding the forces that have shaped our collective past.

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