IB Global Politics Extended Essay Topics and RQs

global politics extended essay topics

Today, I’m providing you with a selection of insightful topics for your Global Politics Extended Essay. This collection spans the intricate web of international relations, political theories, and the impact of globalization, aiming to provide students with a platform to examine the forces shaping our world.

My guidance is rooted in the understanding that a well-selected topic can serve as a powerful lens through which students explore complex political landscapes, analyze the interplay of power and policy, and assess the implications of global events on local and international scales.

List of Global Politics EE Topics

This read invites students to craft an essay that showcases their understanding of global politics and their ability to critically engage with current events and trends, drawing on a rich tapestry of sources to present a compelling argument or narrative. Ready for awesome IB GP EE topic ideas?

1. Power and Sovereignty

  1. The Role of the United Nations in Modern Global Politics: How effective is the United Nations in maintaining international peace and security?
  2. The Impact of Brexit on European Union Sovereignty: How has Brexit affected the concept of sovereignty within the European Union?
  3. China’s Rise as a Global Power: How is China’s growing economic and military power influencing global politics?
  4. The Influence of Non-State Actors in Global Governance: How do non-state actors like multinational corporations influence global governance?
  5. US Foreign Policy Post-9/11: How has US foreign policy evolved in the context of global terrorism since 9/11?
  6. Russia’s Foreign Policy and Global Influence: How does Russia’s foreign policy under Putin shape global geopolitical dynamics?
  7. The Role of NATO in Contemporary International Relations: How relevant is NATO in today’s global political landscape?
  8. The Impact of Cyber Warfare on National Sovereignty: How does cyber warfare pose a threat to the sovereignty of nations?
  9. The Rise of Populism and Its Impact on Global Politics: How has the rise of populism in Western democracies affected international relations?
  10. The Influence of Religious Ideologies on State Policies: How do religious ideologies shape the domestic and foreign policies of Middle Eastern countries?

2. Human Rights and Development

  1. The Effectiveness of International Human Rights Treaties: How effective are international human rights treaties in protecting human rights?
  2. The Role of NGOs in Promoting Human Rights: How significant is the role of NGOs in advancing human rights in authoritarian regimes?
  3. Gender Equality and Economic Development: How does gender equality impact economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  4. The Politics of Humanitarian Aid: How do political interests shape humanitarian aid distribution in conflict zones?
  5. Child Soldiers and International Law: How effective is international law in addressing the issue of child soldiers?
  6. The Impact of Globalization on Labor Rights: How has globalization affected labor rights in developing countries?
  7. Climate Change and Human Rights: How is climate change becoming a human rights issue for vulnerable populations?
  8. Education as a Tool for Political Development: How does education contribute to political development in emerging economies?
  9. The Global Politics of Health Epidemics: How do international organizations shape the global response to health epidemics like HIV/AIDS?
  10. Women’s Rights in the Middle East: How are women’s rights being addressed in the political agendas of Middle Eastern countries?

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3. Peace and Conflict

  1. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: What are the key factors perpetuating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
  2. The Role of the International Community in the Syrian Civil War: How has the international community responded to the Syrian civil war?
  3. Nuclear Proliferation and Global Security: How does nuclear proliferation impact global security?
  4. The Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Missions in Africa: How effective have UN peacekeeping missions been in resolving conflicts in Africa?
  5. The Politics of Genocide Recognition: How do political interests shape the international recognition of genocides?
  6. The Impact of Arms Trade on Conflict in the Middle East: How does the international arms trade influence conflicts in the Middle East?
  7. Cybersecurity and International Conflict: How are cybersecurity issues shaping international conflict dynamics?
  8. The Role of Economic Sanctions in Diplomacy: How effective are economic sanctions as a tool for diplomacy?
  9. The Geopolitics of the South China Sea Dispute: What are the geopolitical implications of the South China Sea dispute?
  10. The Political Aftermath of the Arab Spring: How have the countries affected by the Arab Spring evolved politically?

4. Globalization and Cultural Identity

  1. The Impact of Globalization on National Cultures: How does globalization affect the preservation of national cultures?
  2. Cultural Homogenization and Global Media: How does global media contribute to cultural homogenization?
  3. The Politics of Language Preservation in a Globalized World: How do global politics affect efforts to preserve endangered languages?
  4. Globalization and Indigenous Peoples: How does globalization impact the rights and cultures of indigenous peoples?
  5. The Influence of Global Cultural Events on International Relations: How do international cultural events like the Olympics influence global politics?
  6. Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations: How is cultural diplomacy used as a tool in international relations?
  7. The Impact of Globalization on Religious Practices: How does globalization affect religious practices and beliefs?
  8. National Identity in a Globalized World: How do national identities evolve in the context of globalization?
  9. The Global Spread of Democracy: How does the global spread of democracy impact cultural identities in authoritarian states?
  10. Cultural Aspects of Global Environmental Movements: How do cultural perspectives shape global environmental movements?

5. Economic Globalization and Politics

  1. The Political Implications of Global Trade Agreements: How do global trade agreements like TPP and NAFTA influence international relations?
  2. The Role of the World Bank and IMF in Developing Countries: How do the World Bank and IMF shape the political landscape of developing countries?
  3. The Impact of Economic Crises on Global Politics: How do economic crises like the 2008 financial crisis affect global political dynamics?
  4. The Politics of Sustainable Development: How do political interests shape policies on sustainable development?
  5. The Influence of Multinational Corporations on Global Politics: How do multinational corporations exert influence on global politics?
  6. The Political Challenges of Global Income Inequality: How does global income inequality present challenges to international politics?
  7. The Politics of Oil and Energy Resources: How do oil and energy resources influence global political relations?
  8. The Role of Economic Power in International Politics: How does economic power translate into political power on the global stage?
  9. Globalization and the Transformation of Labor Markets: How does globalization transform labor markets and political policies?
  10. The Political Impact of Global Financial Institutions: How do global financial institutions like the WTO influence politics in developing countries?

Choose Your Topic Wisely

In concluding this exploration of Global Politics Extended Essay topics, it is my hope that these ideas have inspired you to delve into the fascinating world of international relations and political science.

Writing a Global Politics Extended Essay is an intricate task that challenges students to navigate the complexities of political phenomena, applying theoretical frameworks to real-world situations, and articulating their analyses with clarity and depth. As you refine your focus and deepen your research, view this as a unique opportunity to contribute to the discourse on global politics, offering fresh insights and perspectives on the issues at the heart of contemporary debates.

Your essay is your chance to demonstrate your analytical skills, your grasp of political concepts, and your commitment to examining the multifaceted nature of global political dynamics. Let your work be a reflection of your intellectual curiosity and a meaningful contribution to our understanding of global politics.

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