IB World Studies Extended Essay Ideas

IB World Studies Extended Essay Topics

The IB World Studies Extended Essay (WS EE) is an interdisciplinary project that allows students to focus on a global issue from a local or national perspective, integrating insights from two IB subjects. As an IB tutor dedicated to nurturing a comprehensive understanding of global issues through interdisciplinary study, I’m excited to offer a series of IB World Studies Extended Essay topics.

These topics are meticulously selected to encourage an exploration that transcends traditional academic boundaries, aiming to equip students with the insights needed to analyze and understand complex international issues. This initiative is designed to foster a holistic educational experience, enabling students to integrate knowledge from different disciplines to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

Through this approach, students are prompted to apply a wide array of academic lenses to investigate the nuanced interplay between local actions and global impacts, thereby deepening their appreciation for the interconnectedness of our world.

List of WS EE Topics

Here are 50+ topic suggestions for IB World Studies Extended Essays, categorized into five different thematic areas. Each suggestion includes a potential research question to guide the essay.

1. Global Health and Development

  1. The Impact of Clean Water Access on Education in Rural Communities: How does access to clean water influence educational outcomes in rural areas of a specific country?
  2. Combating Malaria with Technology and Local Knowledge: How can a combination of modern technology and traditional practices effectively combat malaria in a specific region?
  3. Mental Health Services Accessibility in Urban vs. Rural Areas: How does the availability of mental health services in urban areas compare to rural areas in a specific country?
  4. The Role of Women’s Education in Reducing Child Mortality Rates: How does improving women’s education impact child mortality rates in a developing country?
  5. The Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs in High School Education: How do school-based HIV/AIDS awareness programs impact knowledge and behavior among teenagers in a specific region?

2. Environmental Sustainability

  1. The Impact of Deforestation on Indigenous Communities: How does deforestation affect the livelihoods of indigenous communities in the Amazon?
  2. Sustainable Agriculture Practices in Arid Regions: How can sustainable agriculture practices improve food security in arid regions of Africa?
  3. Urban Planning and Green Spaces: How does the inclusion of green spaces in urban planning impact the quality of life in major cities?
  4. The Effects of Plastic Pollution on Marine Life: How does plastic pollution in the oceans affect marine ecosystems in the Pacific?
  5. Renewable Energy Adoption in Rural vs. Urban Areas: How do the challenges and opportunities of adopting renewable energy differ between rural and urban areas in a specific country?

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3. Culture, Language, and Identity

  1. The Preservation of Indigenous Languages and Cultures: How are indigenous languages being preserved, and what impact does this have on cultural identity?
  2. The Influence of Globalization on Local Cultural Practices: How has globalization affected traditional cultural practices in a specific region?
  3. Cultural Identity and the Diaspora Experience: How do diaspora communities maintain their cultural identity in a new country?
  4. The Role of Social Media in Shaping Modern Youth Identity: How does social media influence the formation of identity among youths in a specific country?
  5. Language Policies and Minority Rights: How do language policies in public education affect minority groups in a bilingual country?

4. Conflict, Peace, and Security

  1. The Role of Women in Peacebuilding Initiatives: How do women contribute to peacebuilding processes in post-conflict regions?
  2. Child Soldiers and Rehabilitation Programs: How effective are rehabilitation programs for child soldiers in promoting reintegration and peace?
  3. The Impact of Refugee Influx on Host Communities: How does the influx of refugees affect the social and economic stability of host communities in a specific region?
  4. Cybersecurity and National Security: How do cybersecurity measures protect against threats to national security in a specific country?
  5. The Effectiveness of International Sanctions in Resolving Conflicts: How effective are international sanctions in resolving conflicts and promoting peace?

5. Science, Technology, and Society

  1. The Digital Divide and Educational Inequality: How does the digital divide exacerbate educational inequality in a specific region?
  2. Biotechnology and Ethical Considerations in Agriculture: How do biotechnological advancements in agriculture raise ethical concerns in a specific country?
  3. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment: How is the rise of artificial intelligence likely to impact employment in the manufacturing sector of a specific country?
  4. The Role of Technology in Disaster Response and Management: How does technology improve disaster response and management in areas prone to natural disasters?
  5. The Influence of Social Media on Political Mobilization: How does social media influence political mobilization and public opinion in a specific country?

6. Economic Sustainability

  1. Microfinance and Women’s Empowerment in Rural Communities: How does microfinance contribute to women’s empowerment in rural areas of a specific country?
  2. The Impact of Fair Trade Practices on Local Farmers: How do fair trade practices affect the livelihoods of local farmers in a specific region?
  3. Sustainable Tourism and Local Development: How does sustainable tourism contribute to local economic development in a specific tourist destination?
  4. The Role of Small Businesses in Post-Conflict Economic Recovery: How do small businesses contribute to economic recovery in post-conflict regions?
  5. The Economic Effects of Climate Change on Coastal Communities: How does climate change impact the economy of coastal communities dependent on fishing and tourism?

7. Human Rights and Social Justice

  1. The Plight of Stateless Individuals and Access to Basic Rights: How does statelessness affect access to basic rights and services in a specific region?
  2. Gender Inequality and Education: How does gender inequality impact access to education for girls in a specific country?
  3. The Criminal Justice System and Racial Discrimination: How does racial discrimination manifest in the criminal justice system of a specific country?
  4. LGBTQ+ Rights and Social Acceptance: How do legal protections for LGBTQ+ individuals affect their social acceptance and quality of life in a specific country?
  5. The Role of NGOs in Promoting Children’s Rights: How do NGOs contribute to the protection and promotion of children’s rights in a developing country?

8. Migration and Displacement

  1. The Socioeconomic Integration of Refugees: How do refugees integrate socioeconomically in their host countries, and what factors influence their success?
  2. The Impact of Migration on Urban Infrastructure: How does migration from rural to urban areas affect the infrastructure and services in major cities?
  3. Forced Displacement and Environmental Factors: How do environmental factors contribute to forced displacement in a specific region?
  4. The Challenges of Assimilation for Immigrant Families: What challenges do immigrant families face in assimilating into the culture of a new country?
  5. Border Security and Humanitarian Concerns: How do border security measures impact humanitarian concerns in border regions?

9. Globalization and Interconnectedness

  1. The Impact of Global Supply Chains on Local Businesses: How do global supply chains affect local businesses in a specific country?
  2. Cultural Exchange and Globalization: How does cultural exchange through globalization affect national identity in a specific country?
  3. The Role of International Organizations in Global Health Initiatives: How do international organizations contribute to global health initiatives in developing countries?
  4. The Effects of Global Economic Policies on Developing Nations: How do global economic policies impact the economies of developing nations?
  5. Global Citizenship Education and Its Impact: How does global citizenship education influence students’ perspectives on global issues?

10. Ethics and Global Issues

  1. Ethical Considerations in Genetic Engineering: What are the ethical implications of genetic engineering practices in food production?
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability: How do corporations integrate environmental sustainability into their business practices?
  3. The Ethics of Space Exploration and Resource Utilization: What ethical considerations arise from the exploration and potential utilization of resources in space?
  4. Ethical Dilemmas in Artificial Intelligence Development: What ethical dilemmas arise in the development and application of artificial intelligence?
  5. The Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention: How do ethical considerations influence the decision-making process in humanitarian interventions?

Some Other WS EE Topic Suggestions

  1. The Impact of Climate Change on Global Food Security: An interdisciplinary analysis combining environmental science and economics to explore how changing weather patterns affect agricultural productivity and global markets.
  2. Technological Advancements and Privacy Concerns: A study bridging computer science and ethics to examine the implications of surveillance technologies on individual freedoms and societal norms.
  3. Global Health Challenges and Economic Stability: Investigating the relationship between public health crises, such as pandemics, and their impact on economic growth and stability, integrating fields such as biology, economics, and global health policy.
  4. Cultural Heritage and Tourism: An exploration of how the tourism industry affects the preservation of cultural heritage sites, requiring an understanding of anthropology, economics, and environmental science.
  5. Renewable Energy Adoption Across Different Political Systems: A comparative study of how democratic versus authoritarian regimes approach renewable energy policies, blending political science with environmental studies.
  6. The Role of Social Media in Democratic Movements: Examining the influence of digital platforms on activism and political change, through the perspectives of media studies and political science.
  7. Gender Equality and Education: An investigation into how gender disparities in education affect economic development in various regions, combining insights from sociology, education, and economics.
  8. Migration and Multicultural Societies: Analyzing the social, economic, and political challenges and opportunities of migration, drawing on sociology, geography, and international relations.

Select Your Topic Wisely

In concluding our overview of IB World Studies Extended Essay topics, my intention is that these themes have inspired you to embrace an interdisciplinary research approach in your quest to address global challenges.

The World Studies Extended Essay represents a unique academic endeavor that challenges students to synthesize knowledge from multiple disciplines, offering a rich platform for critical inquiry and global understanding.

As you proceed with your research, view this as an unparalleled chance to contribute insightful perspectives on the interdependencies that shape our world. Your work is an opportunity to showcase your analytical abilities, your capacity for integrating diverse fields of study, and your dedication to contributing to meaningful discussions on global issues.

Let your essay stand as a reflection of your commitment to exploring the complexities of the world through a broad, interdisciplinary lens.

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