IB Psychology Extended Essay Topics

IB Psychology extended essay topic ideas

In my capacity as an IB tutor specialized in psychology subject, I’m eager to offer a curated list of engaging topics for your Psychology Extended Essay. This assortment encompasses a wide array of psychological domains, inviting students to probe into the mechanisms of mind and behavior. My experience in mentoring has revealed the critical role of a thoughtfully selected topic, serving not just as a academic requirement but as a catalyst for students to critically engage with psychological concepts and research findings.

Psychology EE Topic Ideas

This task encourages students to craft an essay that demonstrates their grasp on psychological theories and their capacity to apply these theories to observe and interpret human behavior and mental processes.

1. Developmental Psychology

  1. The Impact of Parenting Styles on Child Development: How do different parenting styles affect a child’s cognitive and social development?
  2. Language Acquisition in Early Childhood: How do children develop language skills, and what factors influence this process?
  3. The Effects of Early Childhood Education on Academic Achievement: How does participation in early childhood education programs influence later academic performance?
  4. Attachment Theory and Its Implications for Adult Relationships: How do early attachment patterns impact relationships in adulthood?
  5. The Role of Play in Cognitive Development: How does play contribute to the cognitive development of children?
  6. Adolescent Brain Development and Risk-Taking Behavior: How does brain development during adolescence relate to risk-taking behaviors?
  7. The Impact of Bilingualism on Cognitive Development: How does being raised in a bilingual environment affect cognitive development and language skills?
  8. Gender Identity Development in Children: How do children develop a sense of gender identity, and what factors influence this process?
  9. The Effects of Divorce on Child Development: How does parental divorce impact the emotional and social development of children?
  10. The Role of Technology in Child Development: How does the use of technology influence the cognitive and social development of children?

2. Abnormal Psychology

  1. The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Treating Depression: How effective is CBT in treating patients with depression compared to other forms of therapy?
  2. The Impact of Social Media on Anxiety Disorders: How does the use of social media correlate with the prevalence of anxiety disorders in adolescents?
  3. Biological Basis of Schizophrenia: What are the genetic and neurological underpinnings of schizophrenia?
  4. Eating Disorders and Societal Influence: How do societal and cultural factors contribute to the development of eating disorders?
  5. The Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders: How are substance abuse and mental health disorders interrelated?
  6. The Stigma of Mental Illness and Access to Care: How does stigma affect the willingness of individuals with mental health issues to seek treatment?
  7. The Effectiveness of Art Therapy for Trauma Survivors: How does art therapy benefit individuals who have experienced trauma?
  8. Personality Disorders and Interpersonal Relationships: How do personality disorders impact an individual’s interpersonal relationships?
  9. The Psychology of Phobias: What are the underlying psychological mechanisms of phobias?
  10. The Impact of Sleep Disorders on Mental Health: How do sleep disorders affect psychological well-being?

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3. Cognitive Psychology

  1. Memory Formation and the Role of Sleep: How does sleep affect memory consolidation and learning?
  2. The Effect of Age on Cognitive Functioning: How does cognitive functioning change with age, and what factors influence this process?
  3. The Influence of Emotion on Decision Making: How do emotions impact the decision-making process?
  4. Language Processing in the Brain: How does the brain process and comprehend language?
  5. The Psychological Effects of Multitasking on Cognitive Performance: How does multitasking affect cognitive performance and productivity?
  6. Perception and Reality: How do perceptual processes influence our interpretation of reality?
  7. The Impact of Music on Cognitive Performance: How does background music affect concentration and performance on cognitive tasks?
  8. Cognitive Biases and Decision Making: How do cognitive biases influence our decisions and judgments?
  9. The Role of Attention in Cognitive Processing: How does attentional focus influence the processing of information?
  10. The Relationship Between Creativity and Cognitive Processes: How are creativity and cognitive processes interrelated?

4. Social Psychology

  1. The Bystander Effect in Emergency Situations: What factors influence whether or not an individual will help in an emergency situation?
  2. Social Media and Self-Esteem: How does the use of social media platforms impact the self-esteem of adolescents?
  3. Cultural Influences on Social Behavior: How do cultural norms and values shape individual social behaviors?
  4. The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination: What are the underlying psychological mechanisms of prejudice and discrimination?
  5. Group Dynamics and Decision Making: How do group dynamics influence the decision-making process?
  6. The Influence of Authority on Obedience: What factors contribute to obedience to authority, and how can this lead to unethical behavior?
  7. The Impact of Stereotypes on Performance: How do stereotypes influence the performance and behavior of individuals?
  8. The Role of Social Support in Stress Management: How does social support impact an individual’s ability to manage stress?
  9. Conformity and Social Influence: What factors lead to conformity, and how does social influence shape behavior?
  10. The Effect of Advertising on Consumer Behavior: How do advertising techniques exploit social psychological principles to influence consumer behavior?

5. Health Psychology and Neuropsychology

  1. The Psychological Impact of Chronic Illness: How does living with a chronic illness affect psychological well-being?
  2. Stress and Its Effects on Physical Health: How does stress contribute to physical health problems?
  3. The Role of Psychology in Pain Management: How can psychological techniques be used to manage chronic pain?
  4. Neuroplasticity and Brain Injury Recovery: How does neuroplasticity contribute to recovery after brain injury?
  5. The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Mental Health: How does regular physical activity impact mental health and mood?
  6. Coping Mechanisms and Terminal Illness: How do individuals psychologically cope with terminal illnesses?
  7. The Impact of Nutrition on Cognitive Function: How does nutrition influence brain health and cognitive functioning?
  8. Psychological Factors in Heart Disease: How do psychological factors contribute to the development and management of heart disease?
  9. The Role of Mindfulness in Psychological Well-being: How does practicing mindfulness affect psychological health and stress levels?
  10. The Neuropsychology of Learning Disabilities: What are the neurological bases of specific learning disabilities, and how can they be addressed?

Select Psychology Extended Essay Research Question Wisely

I hope these Psychology Extended Essay topics suggestions have stirred your interest and motivated you to explore the vast field of psychology with enthusiasm and academic rigor. The endeavor of writing a Psychology Extended Essay is a complex interplay of theoretical knowledge, empirical investigation, and analytical thinking. As you refine your topic and advance your research, consider this as an exceptional chance to explore the nuances of human psychology and contribute meaningful insights to the discipline.

Your essay is an opportunity to showcase your ability to integrate psychological theories with practical observation, offering a nuanced perspective on the diverse aspects of human psychology. Let your work be a testament to your dedication to understanding the depths of human experience and a significant addition to the academic study of psychology.

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