IB Anthropology Extended Essay Topics

Anthropology IB Extended Essay Topics

As an IB tutor deeply versed in the rich tapestry of human cultures and societies, I’m delighted to offer a selection of engaging topics for your Anthropology Extended Essay. This array is thoughtfully assembled to embrace the wide spectrum of anthropological study, offering students a pathway to explore topics ranging from the intricacies of cultural rituals to the nuances of linguistic evolution, and the dynamics of social structures.

In my role as a mentor, I’ve seen how a judiciously chosen topic serves not merely as an academic task but as a profound platform for students to critically and respectfully engage with the diversity of human experiences.

List of IB Anthropology EE Topics

This process is an opportunity for students to craft a comprehensive and insightful narrative, showcasing their ability to dissect complex cultural phenomena and articulate their findings with sophistication and sensitivity.

1. Cultural Anthropology

  1. Impact of Globalization on Indigenous Cultures: How has globalization affected the cultural practices of a specific indigenous community?
  2. Rituals and Their Social Significance: What is the social significance of marriage rituals in a particular culture?
  3. Language and Cultural Identity: How does language preservation contribute to cultural identity in a bilingual society?
  4. Cultural Implications of Food Practices: How do food practices reflect cultural values in a Mediterranean community?
  5. Gender Roles in Traditional Societies: How are gender roles defined and maintained in a specific traditional society?
  6. Cultural Responses to Climate Change: How is a specific island community culturally adapting to climate change?
  7. The Role of Folklore in Cultural Preservation: How does folklore contribute to cultural preservation in a specific community?
  8. Cultural Impact of Tourism: How does tourism affect the cultural traditions of a Balinese community?
  9. Urbanization and Cultural Change: How has urbanization impacted traditional family structures in a specific African city?
  10. Cultural Aspects of Healing Practices: How do traditional healing practices reflect the cultural beliefs of a specific indigenous group?

2. Social Anthropology

  1. Social Stratification and Class in Urban Settings: How does social stratification manifest in the urban landscape of a major city?
  2. The Role of Religion in Social Cohesion: How does religion contribute to social cohesion in a multi-ethnic community?
  3. Impact of Social Media on Adolescent Identity Formation: How does social media influence identity formation among adolescents in a specific country?
  4. Migration and Transnational Identities: How do migration experiences shape the transnational identities of immigrants?
  5. Education and Social Mobility: How does education impact social mobility in a developing country?
  6. Kinship Systems in Modern Societies: How are traditional kinship systems maintained in a modern European society?
  7. Social Impacts of Economic Policies: How have recent economic policies impacted social structures in a South American country?
  8. Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Societies: How are concepts of gender and sexuality evolving in a specific Western society?
  9. Youth Subcultures and Resistance: How do youth subcultures in Japan manifest as forms of resistance?
  10. Social Implications of Health Inequalities: How do health inequalities reflect broader social issues in an American city?

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3. Linguistic Anthropology

  1. Language Endangerment and Revitalization: What efforts are being made to revitalize an endangered language in a specific community?
  2. Language and Power Dynamics: How does language reflect power dynamics in a courtroom setting?
  3. The Role of Language in Cultural Transmission: How is language used to transmit cultural values in an indigenous community?
  4. Linguistic Landscape of Multilingual Cities: How does the linguistic landscape reflect the multicultural identity of a specific city?
  5. Code-Switching in Bilingual Communities: What are the social implications of code-switching in a Hispanic community in the United States?
  6. Language and Identity Among Immigrants: How does language use impact the identity of immigrants in a multicultural European city?
  7. The Impact of Language Policies on Minority Languages: How have language policies affected the preservation of a minority language in Canada?
  8. Language and Gender in Workplace Communication: How does language use in the workplace reflect gender dynamics?
  9. The Role of Language in Forming National Identity: How does language contribute to national identity in a post-colonial African country?
  10. Sign Language and Deaf Culture: How does sign language shape the culture of the Deaf community?

4. Biological Anthropology

  1. Evolution of Human Diet: How has the human diet evolved and what are its implications for health?
  2. Genetic Adaptations to High Altitude Living: What genetic adaptations support high altitude living in Andean populations?
  3. The Impact of Urbanization on Human Health: How has urbanization affected human health from a biological perspective?
  4. Primate Behavior and Human Evolution: What can studies of primate behavior tell us about human social evolution?
  5. Human Variation and Race Concepts: How does the concept of race compare to the biological variation observed in humans?
  6. The Evolution of Bipedalism: What factors contributed to the evolution of bipedalism in humans?
  7. Forensic Anthropology in Crime Scene Investigation: How is forensic anthropology used to solve criminal cases?
  8. The Biological Impact of Poverty on Development: How does poverty impact biological development in children?
  9. Disease Patterns in Historical Populations: What can the study of ancient diseases reveal about past populations?
  10. Human-Animal Interactions in Anthropological Research: How do human-animal interactions impact cultures in different societies?

5. Applied Anthropology

  1. Anthropology in Designing Public Policy: How can anthropological research contribute to the design of effective public health policies?
  2. The Role of Anthropology in Sustainable Development: How can anthropological insights contribute to sustainable development projects in Africa?
  3. Cultural Considerations in International Aid: How can cultural anthropology improve the effectiveness of international aid?
  4. Anthropology and Corporate Culture: How can anthropological research contribute to understanding corporate culture?
  5. The Use of Anthropology in Marketing: How can cultural anthropology be used to improve marketing strategies?
  6. Anthropology in Urban Planning: How can anthropologists contribute to urban planning in multicultural cities?
  7. The Role of Anthropology in Conflict Resolution: How can anthropology be used to understand and resolve ethnic conflicts?
  8. Cultural Sensitivity in Healthcare: How can anthropology improve cultural sensitivity in healthcare delivery?
  9. Anthropology and Environmental Conservation: How can anthropology contribute to environmental conservation efforts?
  10. The Application of Anthropology in Education: How can anthropological methods improve teaching strategies in multicultural classrooms?


As we wrap up this collection of Anthropology Extended Essay topics, I hope these ideas have stimulated your scholarly curiosity and cultural awareness. The task of constructing an Anthropology Extended Essay is an intricate blend of thorough research, immersive cultural understanding, and eloquent presentation of insights. As you refine your topic and delve into your research, view this as your moment to contribute a distinctive perspective to the anthropological discourse.

This essay is your arena to demonstrate your dedication, your analytic prowess, and your capacity to thoughtfully bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and human realities. Let your essay be a reflection of your scholarly journey and a meaningful contribution to our understanding of the rich tapestry of human life across the globe.

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