IB Business Management Extended Essay Topics

Business Management Extended Essay Topics

As an IB tutor with substantial expertise in the multifaceted domain of business and management, I am pleased to introduce a selection of compelling topics for your Business Management Extended Essay. This assortment is carefully designed to cover the breadth of business operations and strategies, offering students an avenue to explore topics that encompass organizational behavior, marketing intricacies, financial decision-making, and the dynamics of entrepreneurship.

Through my tenure guiding students, I’ve recognized that a well-chosen topic is not just an academic requirement; it’s a platform for students to deeply analyze the strategic complexities and operational challenges of the business world.

This pursuit encourages students to compose a thorough and analytical narrative, demonstrating their ability to scrutinize complex business concepts and articulate their insights with clarity and strategic acumen.

List of IB BM EE Topics

1. Organizational Management

  1. Leadership Styles and Organizational Culture: How do leadership styles influence organizational culture in a tech startup?
  2. Change Management in Large Corporations: How effective are change management strategies in a multinational corporation undergoing digital transformation?
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Brand Image: How does CSR impact the brand image of a major retail company?
  4. Organizational Structure and Employee Productivity: How does a flat organizational structure impact employee productivity in a small business?
  5. Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: How does cultural diversity within a multinational team affect team performance?
  6. The Impact of Remote Work on Organizational Efficiency: How has the shift to remote work affected the efficiency of operations in a service company?
  7. Motivational Strategies and Employee Performance: How do motivational strategies impact employee performance in the hospitality industry?
  8. Conflict Management in Family-Owned Businesses: How is conflict managed in a high-profile family-owned business?
  9. The Role of Organizational Ethics in Decision Making: How do organizational ethics influence decision-making processes in a pharmaceutical company?
  10. Innovation Management in the Automotive Industry: How do automotive companies manage innovation to stay competitive?

2. Marketing Management

  1. Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses: How effective are digital marketing strategies for small businesses in a local market?
  2. Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping: How does consumer behavior in online shopping differ from traditional shopping in the fashion industry?
  3. The Impact of Branding on Consumer Loyalty: How does branding influence consumer loyalty in the smartphone market?
  4. Social Media Influence on Product Promotion: How effective is social media marketing in promoting new products in the beauty industry?
  5. Pricing Strategies and Market Penetration: How do pricing strategies affect market penetration for a new software product?
  6. The Role of Ethical Marketing in Consumer Choice: How does ethical marketing influence consumer choice in the food industry?
  7. Market Segmentation and Targeting Strategies: How does market segmentation and targeting affect sales in the luxury car market?
  8. The Effectiveness of Loyalty Programs: How effective are customer loyalty programs in the airline industry?
  9. International Marketing Strategies in Emerging Markets: How do multinational companies adapt their marketing strategies in emerging markets?
  10. The Impact of Packaging Design on Sales: How does packaging design influence consumer purchasing decisions in the beverage industry?

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3. Financial Management

  1. Investment Appraisal in New Projects: How do companies assess the financial viability of new projects in the renewable energy sector?
  2. The Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Profitability: How do exchange rate fluctuations affect the profitability of an export-oriented business?
  3. Risk Management in Financial Institutions: How do banks manage risk in their lending practices?
  4. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives: What is the financial impact of sustainability initiatives in a manufacturing company?
  5. The Role of Financial Planning in Business Success: How does financial planning contribute to the success of a startup?
  6. Budgeting Processes in Non-Profit Organizations: How do non-profit organizations manage their budgeting processes?
  7. The Effect of Interest Rates on Consumer Spending: How do changes in interest rates affect consumer spending in the retail sector?
  8. Financial Performance Analysis of a Publicly Traded Company: How does a specific strategic decision impact the financial performance of a publicly traded company?
  9. Credit Management in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): How do SMEs manage credit to maintain liquidity?
  10. The Impact of Financial Regulations on Banking Operations: How have recent financial regulations affected banking operations in the European Union?

4. Human Resource Management

  1. Recruitment Strategies and Employee Performance: How do recruitment strategies impact employee performance in the IT industry?
  2. Training and Development in Multinational Corporations: How does training and development affect employee retention in multinational corporations?
  3. The Impact of Work-Life Balance Initiatives on Employee Satisfaction: How do work-life balance initiatives impact employee satisfaction in the healthcare sector?
  4. Performance Appraisal Methods and Employee Motivation: How do different performance appraisal methods affect employee motivation in a sales organization?
  5. The Role of HR in Managing Workplace Diversity: How does the HR department manage workplace diversity in an international NGO?
  6. Employee Engagement and Organizational Success: How does employee engagement contribute to organizational success in the hospitality industry?
  7. The Effect of Organizational Culture on Talent Retention: How does organizational culture affect talent retention in the tech industry?
  8. The Impact of Outsourcing on Internal Staff: How does outsourcing certain functions impact the morale and productivity of internal staff?
  9. Gender Diversity in Leadership Roles: How does gender diversity in leadership roles impact organizational performance?
  10. The Role of HR in Merger and Acquisition Processes: How does the HR department facilitate the integration process during a merger or acquisition?

5. Operations Management

  1. Supply Chain Management in the Retail Industry: How does effective supply chain management contribute to profitability in the retail industry?
  2. Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction: How does quality management affect customer satisfaction in the automobile industry?
  3. The Impact of Just-In-Time Inventory on Cost Reduction: How does the Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory system reduce costs in a manufacturing company?
  4. Sustainable Practices in Operations Management: How do sustainable practices in operations management affect the environmental footprint of a company?
  5. The Role of Technology in Improving Operational Efficiency: How does the adoption of new technology improve operational efficiency in logistics companies?
  6. Lean Management Techniques in Service Industries: How are lean management techniques applied in the hospitality industry?
  7. The Impact of E-commerce on Retail Operations: How has the growth of e-commerce impacted the operations of traditional retail businesses?
  8. Capacity Planning in Manufacturing: How does capacity planning affect the operational efficiency of a manufacturing plant?
  9. The Role of Operations Management in New Product Development: How does operations management contribute to the successful launch of new products?
  10. Waste Management Strategies in Production: How do waste management strategies impact cost and efficiency in the food production industry?


As we bring this collection of Business Management Extended Essay topics to a close, I trust these suggestions have sparked your intellectual curiosity and strategic thinking. The endeavor of composing a Business Management Extended Essay is a meticulous amalgamation of in-depth research, critical business analysis, and the strategic presentation of ideas. As you refine your topic and further your exploration, view this as your unique chance to add a distinctive voice to the discourse of business scholarship.

This essay is your platform to exhibit your commitment, your analytical prowess, and your ability to link theoretical business models with practical, real-world scenarios. Let your work stand as a tribute to your academic pursuit and a valuable contribution to our understanding of the complex yet fascinating world of business and management.

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