IB Math Extended Essay Topics

IB Math Extended Essay Topics

In my tenure as an IB tutor with a solid grounding in mathematical theories and applications, I am eager to present a selection of stimulating topics for your Math Extended Essay. This assortment is crafted to reflect the broad and intricate spectrum of mathematical inquiry, offering students the chance to probe into topics ranging from the abstract elegance of theoretical mathematics to the practical sophistication of applied mathematics.

My experience has illuminated the profound impact of a carefully chosen topic, serving not merely as a rigorous academic exercise but as a crucible for intellectual growth and problem-solving prowess.

IB Math EE Topic Ideas

This venture invites students to weave an intricate tapestry of logic, proof, and application, demonstrating their ability to confront complex mathematical challenges and articulate their resolutions with precision and depth.

1. Algebra and Number Theory

  1. The Golden Ratio in Art and Architecture: How is the golden ratio used in the design of historical buildings and art?
  2. Cryptography and Prime Numbers: How are prime numbers used in modern encryption methods?
  3. The Mathematics of Fractals: How do fractals model real-world phenomena?
  4. Complex Numbers in Electrical Engineering: How are complex numbers used to solve problems in electrical engineering?
  5. The Fibonacci Sequence in Nature: How does the Fibonacci sequence appear in natural patterns and what does it signify?
  6. Graph Theory in Social Networks: How can graph theory be applied to analyze social networks?
  7. Pascal’s Triangle and its Applications: What are the various applications of Pascal’s Triangle in different fields of mathematics?
  8. The Mathematics of Music: How can mathematical concepts be used to understand musical scales and harmony?
  9. Game Theory in Economics: How is game theory applied to make decisions in economics?
  10. The Riemann Hypothesis: What is the Riemann Hypothesis and why is it important in number theory?

2. Calculus and Analysis

  1. The Calculus of Rainbows: How can calculus be used to explain the formation of rainbows?
  2. Optimization Problems in Real Life: How can calculus help solve optimization problems in fields like engineering or economics?
  3. The Mathematics of Epidemics: How are differential equations used to model the spread of diseases?
  4. Fourier Series and Signal Processing: How are Fourier series used in processing signals in electronic devices?
  5. The Monty Hall Problem and Probability Theory: How does probability theory explain the Monty Hall problem?
  6. Calculus in Rocket Science: How is calculus used in the trajectory planning of rockets?
  7. The Butterfly Effect and Chaos Theory: How does calculus help in understanding chaos theory and the butterfly effect?
  8. The Brachistochrone Curve Problem: What is the brachistochrone curve and how can it be derived?
  9. The Mathematics of Climate Models: How are differential equations used in climate modeling?
  10. The Bernoulli Principle in Fluid Dynamics: How does the Bernoulli equation apply to fluid dynamics in real-world scenarios?

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3. Geometry and Topology

  1. The Geometry of Islamic Art: How is geometry used to create patterns in Islamic art?
  2. Non-Euclidean Geometry and the Theory of Relativity: How does non-Euclidean geometry contribute to Einstein’s theory of relativity?
  3. The Mathematics of Origami: How does understanding geometry help in mastering origami?
  4. Topology and the Möbius Strip: What are the unique properties of the Möbius strip in topology?
  5. The Golden Spiral in Nature: How is the golden spiral represented in nature and what is its significance?
  6. Tessellations and their Properties: How are tessellations created and what mathematical properties do they have?
  7. The Use of Geometry in Computer Graphics: How is geometry used to create realistic computer graphics?
  8. Fractal Geometry in Natural Landscapes: How does fractal geometry describe natural landscapes?
  9. The Mathematics of Perspective Drawing: How is geometry used to create perspective in art?
  10. The Geometry of Sports: How is geometry used in the design of sports equipment or fields?

4. Statistics and Probability

  1. The Birthday Paradox: How does probability theory explain the birthday paradox?
  2. Statistics in Medical Research: How are statistical methods used to validate findings in medical research?
  3. The Monty Hall Problem: What does probability theory tell us about the Monty Hall problem?
  4. Sports Analytics: How are statistics used to improve team performance in sports?
  5. The Mathematics of Gambling: How does probability affect strategies in gambling?
  6. Statistical Analysis of Climate Change Data: How are statistics used to interpret climate change data?
  7. The Use of Probability in Weather Forecasting: How is probability used in predicting weather patterns?
  8. Stock Market Analysis Using Statistics: How can statistical models predict stock market trends?
  9. The Mathematics of Insurance: How do actuaries use probability and statistics in the insurance industry?
  10. Error Analysis in Scientific Experiments: How are statistical methods used to analyze errors in scientific experiments?

5. Mathematical Modeling and Applications

  1. Modeling Population Growth: How can mathematics model population growth and its impacts?
  2. The Mathematics of Traffic Flow: How can mathematical models optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion?
  3. Mathematical Models in Economics: How are mathematical models used to predict economic trends?
  4. The Use of Mathematics in Environmental Science: How is mathematics used to model environmental issues like pollution dispersion?
  5. Mathematical Modeling in Sports: How can mathematical models be used to improve performance in sports?
  6. The Mathematics of Cryptocurrencies: How is mathematics fundamental to the functioning of cryptocurrencies?
  7. Modeling the Spread of Viruses: How can mathematical models predict the spread of a virus like COVID-19?
  8. Mathematics in Architectural Design: How is mathematics used in the design of buildings and structures?
  9. Mathematical Optimization in Logistics: How is mathematics used to optimize logistics and supply chain management?
  10. The Mathematics of Machine Learning: How is mathematics used in the algorithms behind machine learning and artificial intelligence?


As we reach the culmination of this array of Math Extended Essay topics, I hope these suggestions have catalyzed your analytical thinking and mathematical curiosity. The process of constructing a Math Extended Essay is a meticulous integration of in-depth research, abstract reasoning, and clear, logical exposition.

As you refine your topic and delve into your mathematical exploration, view this as your platform to make a significant scholarly contribution. Your essay is a testament to your academic diligence, your capacity for intricate and innovative problem-solving, and your proficiency in translating complex mathematical concepts into a coherent and persuasive narrative.

Let your work stand as a beacon of your scholarly dedication and a significant addition to the discourse of mathematical understanding.

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